Serge Hazanavicius : director

Stéphane Dan : original idea, co-writer, stand-in for the main actor, technical manager

Main actors : Kev Adams, Vincent Elbaz , Mélanie Bernier , Bérénice Bejo


Under terrible conditions at the top of the pinnacle Aiguille du Midi, Scott happens upon one of his idles and, against his better judgment, decides to follow Pierrick down the mountain. Impressed by his skills but discouraged by his recklessness, Pierrick admonishes Scott once they make it safely down.

Dejected, Scott decides that Pierrick was right, and hires the seasoned pro as a guide and tutor. A relationship blooms between the two as they continue to push each other to greater heights, with Pierrick eventually signing on to help Scott achieve his Everest dream.


(James Bond 007)


Director : Michael Apted

Main actors : Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlyle, Denise Richards, Robbie Coltrane, Judi Dench

Skier-stunt man-guide : Stéphane Dan

Other movies Stéphane Dan participated in :

TV advertising :

  • ‘Mobile’ oil – stunt man-skier

  • ‘Karlsberg’  beer – sunt man-skier




Skier and professional mountain guide, participating in multiple films and photo shoots for my sponsors, I spent numerous hours with my photographer/cameraman friends learning how to use the light, how to place and valorise the lens being used:

“Images” become a passion!

Early 2000s, Arno Adam and I created R.A.S production. We then made documentaries in co-production with the TV channel ‘Voyage’: Learning how to produce!

After more than 20 years, I became versatile in this area and today, Iso0 can produce and carry out a sequence for you from A to Z:

  -  Provide security in a hostile environment,

  -  Stunt double for extreme sport, such as for the 007 James Bond: ‘the World is not Enough’,

  -  Experienced cameraman used to « no-falls » zone,

  -  Help with staging (choice of sets, feasibility related to natural and other constraints) in order

     to adapt the scenario to the reality on the grounds.


In 2011, we started to write with my friend Serge Hazanavicius, film director and skier, what will become 6 years later the feature film ‘To the Top’; a film that talks about extreme skiing, risk-taking in mountains and the human relationship between two riders of different generations. Not only co-author/screenwriter, I take the role of "mountain technical director" (responsible for everything that happens on the shooting in the mountains), but also stunt-double the main actor, Vincent Elbaz, for all the ski scenes.

Undertaking a movie from scratch to its release is a mammoth task where the cinematographic machinery has no more secrets for me.


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